Thursday, January 10, 2013

Creativity Exercise: Get Ripped

Ah, you're thinking from that headline that I'm finally going to share the words of wisdom gained from my days exercising with Shanna Haun. Good guess, but no. This Get Ripped is an exercise for your creative muscles. Look at this awesome menorah my mom created with torn paper:
Now, keep in mind: Mom is 91 and nearly blind. She also doesn't consider herself an artist. We disagree on this assessment. Anyhoo, look at the art she created and let your mind wander. What could you make with ripped paper? You have your idea? Cool! Don't just sit there -- start ripping!

P.S. Mom did this with the assistance of an art teacher. I would thank the teacher, but I don't know her name. So, thank you to all inspirational art teachers everywhere!

P.P.S. Yes, I will eventually do the exercise-related creativity tips. They will be brilliant. Trust me on this.

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