Thursday, August 16, 2012

Creativity Tips: Thinking Back to School

With apologies to my many friends who are English teachers, this is exactly how I felt during junior high and high school. I could never understand why the teacher's take on the author's true meaning was any more accurate than mine. After all, the teachers weren't around when Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote The Scarlet Letter.

A few lessons from the chart:
  1. You don't know what you don't know. And none of us knows what the other knows. And who knows if what any of us knows is right?
  2. If you create something that may go viral, put your dang name on it prominently. I would credit whoever put this together if I could. As it is, I'll just thank Patty for sending it to me.
  3. More than one opinion can be right. The curtains may have represented the author's immense depression. Even if the author was just thinking, "Blue. I'll make the curtains blue."
I still have The Scarlet Letter on my bookshelf, along with most of the other books we discussed in class. Take that as proof that my English teachers did a wonderful job. I still love literature. And I still love arguing about it!

P.S. for those of you who have been around me for decades. Everyone is posting picures of their cute kids in adorable back-to-school outfits. Kate is out of school and won't let me post a pic of her going off to work. Mary is back at K-State. I'm tempted to stalk her Facebook page and steal a photo. But I'm trying to control myself ...

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