Friday, August 10, 2012

Creativity Tips: On the other hand ...

Chuck Dymer has a well-deserved reputation as a brilliance activator and if you haven't looked around his site, give yourself a treat and do it now.

Chuck sent me this insightful response to yesterday's post. I agree with everything he says and am delighted he gave me permission to share his feedback with you. We do run the risk of becoming observers of our own lives ...


You did seize the moment. You took the time to flip the painting over to read the artist's commentary. You got "the lost in translation" humor. You shared it with your traveling companions and you shared it with your readers. You told a story with words instead of pictures. What better thing to do in a land which has given the world a wealth of stories long before photography was invented. 

We don't always need photos and videos to validate our experiences. In fact, when I watch people filming everything they do, I get the sense they're no longer in a state of experience but rather a detached state of observer.

Thanks for sharing your experience.


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