Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Creativity Tips: Never Pass Up a Celebration

I love this face.
Mary is 19 today! Whoo hoo! In honor of my baby's birthday, here's a story I've told most of my friends, but may not have shared here ...

When Mary was just a little thing, maybe 3 years old, I was rushing to get her and Kate (probably 7 at the time) ready to go -- Mary to daycare and Kate to school. Mary was being pokey. I told her to hurry up. She told me to shut up.

Say what?

"Did you tell me to shut up?" I asked, pulling myself up to a towering 5-feet in full strict-mother mode.

Picture the panic, as the toddler tried to squirm her way out of this one.You could see the creative brain cells in action. Her eyes were literally spinning. Then, she stood up straight to declare her innocence.

"No, momma!" she insisted. "I said, 'Shit!'"

Well, I started laughing so hard I had to leave the room. At which point, poor little Kate came trailing after me to point out that first Mary told me to shut up, then she cursed, and she still didn't get in trouble.

My girls. I'll keep 'em both. Happy birthday, baby!

P.S. There is a definite creativity lesson here. With a little imagination, you can turn a bad situation around. Just ask Mary.


Leslie said...

Oh, gosh, this is the first time I've laughed out loud at a blog post in a very long time. That girl has some spunk! Hope her birthday is fabulous.

Bud Simpson said...

That brought me to my knees. Always leave 'em laughing. Happy Birthday, Mary!