Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Fun: Listen, My Children ...

Little-known fact: I am related to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Well, OK, by marriage. Tom's father carried the name and the family connection -- he was Morris Longfellow Harness. When I was pregnant, Tom's mom was absolutely set on us naming a boy Longfellow. Fortunately, I had girls.*

In honor of the girls' heritage, the Fourth of July, and the 150th anniversary of Paul Revere's Ride, check this out. Make sure you look at this -- the missing six lines of the poem. It's fascinating to see how a classic poem evolved.

Enjoy the holiday and be careful with those fireworks!

*Oh, puh-leeze. Like you can't see potential problems with that name?

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FunnyEye said...

Problems with "Longfellow" as a name? I like it as a nickname, if nothing else.

And BTW, why is my word verification to leave this post "reaterd"? Do you plan these out Ms. Creative Instigator? It hit's a little close to home for multiple reasons.