Friday, July 9, 2010

Creativity Exercise: Be a trail marker!

OK, this is perfect for the CI team: The Port Authority of Kansas City, Mo., and The Writers Place are sponsoring an unusual poetry contest. Win, and your wonderful words won't be printed. They'll be engraved for eternity on a barge anchor at KC's Riverfront Heritage Trail. I'm assuming the anchor will be above water.

Judges are looking for poems no longer than five lines. That, of course, makes haiku a great option. Remember: 5-7-5.

Check out the rules. If you're in KC, and it ever stops freakin' raining, walk the trail for inspiration. Hmmm. We could have a CI gathering and walk the trail. You photo folk could take pictures. Us word folk could bring notebooks.

If you're not in KC, find another trail. Or a riverfront. Or a port. Or, pour some port and sip. I hear it's good with dark chocolate.

Yes. I did notice the typos on the rules page. And, yes. It does make me nuts. Thank you for asking.

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