Thursday, July 15, 2010

Creativity Tips: Share

Some time back, Barb suggested that I share great lines, great phrases, great copy when I run across it. I really liked the idea, but never did anything with it.

Now, it's time. In keeping with our music theme for the week, here's a phrase from Menlo, a wonderful band. On the Menlo Facebook fan page, one of the band members recently described a rare, less-than-stellar performance as a train-wreck shit show.

OK, stop laughing. It's a perfect phrase. Three words (train-wreck counts as one word), alliteration and rhythm. And you know exactly what he means. It communicates concisely and with humor. I love it.

And to make it even better, Menlo hyphenated the compound modifier. They're teenagers, and they hyphenated the compound modifier for a Facebook post. So, not only do they make great music and write fun commentary, they also give me hope for the future.

Just sharing. Thanks, Barb! (Were you hoping for a phrase you might be able to use? This may not work in a news release, but I'm guessing it will come in handy somewhere ...)

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Barb said...

Love the words!