Friday, January 1, 2010

2010: My Year of Less

I've been doodling with a few resolution ideas -- very creative, such as lose weight, exercise, yada yada yada -- and finally landed on the real deal. This will be my year of less. I am going to give something away, give something up, throw something out, every day.

This is based on discussions with my sister, my best friend and my mother. They all think I should take better care of myself. I think a year of less fits that bill.

Today, I gave up the expectation of perfection. Well, maybe not totally, because that would be perfect. But I did lead Friday night services and laugh at the one big mistake I made. You know, rather than focus and obsess on it. I wasn't perfect. But I was fine.

I hope your year is less. I hope you have less stress. Less struggle. Less time away from the people and places you love. Less worry about things you cannot change. Less noise. Less.

P.S. We'll move from less to Leslie. Leslie totally rocks. She completed her 365 project and it is amazing. Just doing it would have been a huge accomplishment -- but she did it beautifully. Take a look. And don't miss the Big Rabbit's sendoff to 2009. Happy New Year!


Angela Pritchett said...

I'm not a resolution kind of gal but I love hearing about what other people resolve to do. You've hit on a great one. I can totally support you except I hope to see more of you this year!

(nice nod to less perfection by not posting at your usuall 4:22)

Leslie said...

Jan, I think your year of less actually IS perfect! I hope I can follow your lead, at least to some degree. Thank you for all your support in my year of photos adventure. You're among the few who understands when I want to photograph the plate of eggs or cup of coffee :-)