Monday, October 26, 2009

Creativity Tips: Sounds of Silence

This past Saturday, I was alone all day. No kids, no hubby, no dog. Just me and the house. No radio, no TV, no noise. It was bliss.

Silence and solitude are so rare in my life that I had forgotten how regenerative they are. Let's not forget. This week, make time for you. And enjoy the sounds of silence.

P.S. It just seems wrong to do a tip on silence and link to a song. But, if you're going to listen to music while you're alone, you certainly can't go wrong with Simon & Garfunkel.

P.P.S. Their video is an interesting example of creativity. Two singers, one guitar. No fancy footwork. Simple beauty. And even though they had sung this a million times before, they made this version fresh. They're brilliant.

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