Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Creativity Tips: Get Out and Play!

Hi team! I'm back from Rochester and ready to rock. It's so good to see new things, meet new people. Two quick things for today ...

1. The photo is from the Strong National Museum of Play. Thanks to Tootsie for the visit! (Everyone should visit a toy museum with a fun woman named Tootsie. Put that on your bucket list.)

2. Here's "Rule of Three" inspiration from the book I started reading on the trip, The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood. The book starts with this great line: "Ten days after the war ended, my sister Laura drove a car off a bridge." In this section, the narrator remembers how their nanny tried to console a young Laura:

"Tell me where it hurts, she'd say. Stop howling. Just calm down and show me where.

But some people can't tell where it hurts. They can't calm down. They can't ever stop howling."

Love it. Fascinating book -- I'm about halfway through, so can't give you a full critique. I've never read anything by Atwood before.

Happy Tuesday! (Absolutely no howling allowed.)


Leslie said...

I read The Handmaid's Tale many years ago and really liked it. Let me know if the book you're reading turns out to be a winner, too!

Angela Pritchett said...

Another Atwood fan here! Just read Alias Grace a few weeks ago and was so engrossed with the final 100 pages that I read them all in one sitting. Loved Handmaid's Tale too. Will have to add The Blind Assissin to my library list.