Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Creativity Tips: Red Tape is Good

Red tape gets a bad rap. Sure, bureaucrats can use it to stop progress. But anything that can transform a sweatshirt and stocking cap into a Where's Waldo? costume is OK in my book.

A couple of quick creativity lessons here:
  1. The Where's Waldo? packaged costume cost $35. Kate got the idea to do this -- and spent less than $10. The sweatshirt was $5, the hat $1.40 and we spent $3 or so for the red tape. A tight budget isn't always a bad thing -- it can be a wonderful creative spark.

  2. We had fun making it. Way more fun than we would have had opening the packaged costume. And, as you know, creativity thrives on fun.

  3. I thought all red tape was metaphorical. Fortunately, Kate knows that if mom can't help, she can always call dad. Tom sent us to Lowe's for red electrical tape. Who knew? (Well, he knew. And that's a classic example of a good creative team. Tom was the perfect resource for this; he did all the electrical work when he finished our basement. Broaden your team and increase your chances for success!)
P.S. I know she's mine, and it's possible I'm not completely impartial on this, but isn't she adorable?


Leslie said...

Yes, she IS adorable! And I love the costume idea. Way more interesting than a packaged deal.

Brenda said...

I agree she is adorable! Just like her mom!