Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Creativity Tips: Good Enough Never Is

There are times when I'm ready to wrap up a project, and I hear this voice inside my head saying, Good enough never is.

Let's dispense with the disturbing fact that I hear voices, and proceed to the heart of the matter. The voice is wrong. Sometimes, good enough is. You can't pour your heart and soul into everything. Time, money, and creative resources just don't allow it.

However, we should never settle for good enough on everything. That's a lazy and insidious* mindset certain to corrode creativity.

Today, consider the projects on your plate, at home and at work. Ask yourself: What deserves my absolute best? Then, pour it on!

*I knew I was spelling insidious wrong, so -- since good enough never is with spelling -- I looked it up on NinjaWords. What a cool dictionary. It took my misspelled word and instantly gave me the correct spelling and meaning. Gotta love it.

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