Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Creativity Tips: Go Tell Aunt Janet

To mark the completion of his first book in piano lessons, my nephew Sam played a recital of all the pieces for the family -- fun for us, and a chance to applaud his talent and dedication.

His wonderful teacher, Ann Stein, made the event better by having Sam write a story, using all the song titles in the book. That unified the performance -- and gave Sam a chance to use a different creative tool. (My favorite part of the story? Changing "Go Tell Aunt Rhodie" to "Go Tell Aunt Janet.")

It also made me wonder: What creative tools are we using that could be strengthened by tying them together? Writing and photography? Knitting and karaoke? Baking and painting?

Think about it. Then, go tell Aunt Janet.

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Leslie said...

Sam's teacher sounds like one creative lady. What a great idea to create a story from the song titles!