Thursday, September 24, 2020

Creativity Tips: Connect

Feeling down? Concern shifting into panic? Never fear. The cure is here. 

Well, maybe not a cure, but I do feel better now that I signed up for President Obama's texts. Having his smiling face in my iPhone list of contacts makes me happy. Maybe it will cheer you too?

If you can't read that ... people in the U.S. can send him a text at 773-365-9687. 

P.S. Is this really a creativity tip? Absolutely. The people we choose to connect with can spark all kinds of creative ideas. And, for some of us, happiness is creativity inducing. (I do know people who are their most creative when miserable. I ain't those people.)

1 comment:

Graciewilde said...

I'm not a fan of spam texts / emails but guess what? I did this! I texted Barack. I need an infusion of civility, intelligence, and kindness. Thanks for posting.