Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Creativity Tips: Lessons from the Loaf

Over the weekend, I baked a circular loaf of challah for the Jewish New Year, and posted a photo on Facebook and Instagram. I was understandably proud of the finished product; it was the prettiest loaf of bread I've ever made. 

Then, I cut into it. 

Sad to say, the challah looked a lot better than it tasted. Apparently, I measured the sugar wrong. Or the honey. Either way, it was bleh. Not sweet enough to be yummy-delicious-get-in-my-tummy challah. 

On the bright side, that gives us two creativity lessons to "challah" about!

1. If something doesn't work as planned, change the plan. I cut the challah into slices and used it for French toast. My French toast recipe includes honey in the batter, and cinnamon on the slices, so I figured that would take care of the lost sugar. The results? SCRUMPTIOUS. Possibly the best French toast I've ever made. 

2.  Don't believe everything you see. It's easy to create images on social media that reflect our lives as we wish they were. I want you to think everything I bake is delicious. You want me to think that vacation was one long sunny day at the beach. 

The truth is more complicated than that: Our lives aren't picture perfect. But, with a bit of imagination and creativity (and syrup), we can make them better!

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