Monday, February 6, 2017

#MondayMotivation -- Be The Boss

My Facebook friend Garland posted this link on Sunday, and I love it -- it's a clip of Bruce Springsteen demonstrating why he is The Boss.

At his concerts, Springsteen likes to take a request from the audience, even if the request is for a song the band hasn't rehearsed recently, or even played for years. That's a fun change of pace, in these days of lip syncing. At this 2013 concert in Germany, the selected song was a Chuck Berry classic: You Never Can Tell.

As you watch the video, keep an eye open for creativity lessons that can help you be The Boss this week! For example:

  • Springsteen isn't afraid to veer off into new territory, knowing he has a team that will keep him on track. (No, Bruce, not that key. Not that guitar.)
  • He lets others shine, and their solos are amazing.
  • The entire E Street Band works hard. They're having fun, but they're working. Sweat the details, my friends. Details make the difference. 

You'll find other lessons too. For now, as we start a new week, let's put that first idea to work -- and try something new! What could happen? You Never Can Tell ... 

No, Bruce. Seriously. You're gonna hurt yourself. 


Bud Simpson said...

Sweet Baby Jesus! I'm watching this every morning from now on.

Jan said...

I feel exactly the same way!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this. :-)