Thursday, April 14, 2016

Creative Critic: It's National Pecan Day!

This may be the only blog post in the universe that mentions Forks Over Knives and Nonni's Turtle Pecan Biscotti in the same sentence.

Just guessing.

The lovely PR folks from Nonni's recently reached out to me and asked if I'd like to sample and critique the biscotti in honor of National Pecan Day.

Now, I'm pretty focused on healthy eating these days. I haven't gone the complete Forks Over Knives plant-based route, but I've given up meat and chicken and only rarely eat fish or dairy products. I've cut back on sweets. (Ugh.) So I figured I'd just take a bite of the biscotti and tell you what I thought.

It was a good idea. Only one problem. Nonni's Turtle Pecan Biscotti are scrumptious. And I say that as a baker with high standards for biscotti -- which are really mondel broit. I've made mondel broit. It's a process, and mine didn't taste nearly this good.

One bite turned into ...

And you're lucky Tom snapped the photo before I snapped up the rest of the biscotti. I recommend them. I will buy them. Totally delish. Happy National Pecan Day! Go nuts ...

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