Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Fun: Think Purple

Today, or this weekend, do something creative with purple. What? Well, you could:
  • Create a new drink with grape juice.
  • Draw something that would typically be brown or blue or green.
  • List as many different shades/names of purple as possible. (This makes your mind work. Good for the brain cells.)
  • Look for purple when you're out and about.
  • Take a purple photo.
Or, you could come up with your own purple plan! Happy weekend!

1 comment:

Hedy said...

A kindergartner was at the paint center and painted a picture of a purple cow. The teacher looked at the painting and said, " That's a lovely picture, but no one has ever seen a purple cow." And the child replied, "Well now they will." An old but true story.