Monday, August 19, 2013

Creativity Tips: Take Another Look

So, it has been a month since I posted. During that time:
  • Mom fell, broke her arm and had surgery.
  • Mom was on Oxycodone for too long. Ugh.
  • The contractors started remodeling the master bathroom.
  • The contractors started remodeling the day after mom had surgery.
  • Mary went back to K-State.
  • Kate started getting ready for the move to her own apartment.
  • I had two clients come back with new assignments. One of the assignments was due in April. I got it last week. This is my life.
During the month, I didn't miss a single deadline. I did miss my blogging. Now, for what it's worth, I wasn't completely absent. Last week, I sat down and wrote:

The Theory of Infinite Creativity
I believe there is an infinite amount of creativity in our amazing world.

I know my share of that creativity, on any given day, is finite.

A few weeks ago, I was blogging daily again and loving it. I saw blog ideas everywhere I looked and couldn't wait to get to my keyboard and write them up.

Then, someone needed something and I was gone for another week. But it's a good start to a good post and I'll finish it at some point. Really! I will be back. I will be posting.

 In the meantime, look at this. And this. And then, throughout the week, take a long look at the people around you and realize they are so much more than what we see.

I hope more people really see you this week. I hope you pause long enough for eye contact. I hope it's a week that reflects well on all of us come Friday.

Happy Monday!

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