Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Creativity Tips: Simple Works

One of my favorite creative outlets is baking, so I'm typically asked to bring dessert to any special event. Fun! And I've now added a simple treat to my cake and cookie line-up. I bring fruit salad.
My recipe? Simple:
One fresh pineapple
One Granny Smith apple
One small carton of strawberries
A bunch of red grapes
One kiwi (Optional.)
One cutie -- those teeny oranges, when in season (Optional. And real oranges don't work.)

Wash it, dice it, stir it all up. You've got the perfect dessert. Or the perfect "chaser" for chocolate cake. Or the perfect base for vanilla yogurt and pecans and chia seeds -- my standard breakfast.

Simple? You bet. And people love it. Creativity -- in any area -- doesn't have to be complicated. Simple is simply refreshing. Give it a try. Simplify.

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CJ Kennedy said...

Sounds perfect for these hazy, hot, and humid days