Monday, November 26, 2012

Creativity Exercise: Recalculating

Ooops. When I said last Friday's post was the 1,000th post on the CI blog, well. Yeah. I lied. It would have been if I posted every day last week, but I missed a day. So, that means ....

Ta Dah! This is #1,000!

My mistake and a frequent admonition from my GPS combine to create today's exercise: Let's illustrate the infamous recalculating. (Does your GPS say that every freakin' time you make a wrong turn? And do you make a lot of wrong turns? Of course, in our house, we like to consider those turns the scenic route.*)

So. We're recalculating. Take your digital camera, your fancy phone, your Polaroid, whatever, and take a photo of something that symbolizes recalculating. If you want to email me your creative results, great!

*Do not, under any circumstance, ever ask my buddy Lynn about the scenic route to Canyon de Chelly. It is not a pretty story. Not pretty at all. Let's just say that a lesser woman would have recalculated our friendship ...

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