Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Fun: DIY Dog Bed

You know how sometimes things fall perfectly into place? The Yiddish term is b'sheret -- meant to be. Well, a couple of days after Kate got her new pup, Zoe, I opened Facebook and there was a post for a DIY dog bed.
B'sheret. And easy peasy, to make it even better. I'm not sure if the link to the DogTV page on Facebook will work for everyone, so here are the instructions:

You will need: an old sweatshirt, pillow, polyfill or other stuffing, and one lucky dog.
  1. Stuff sleeves and shoulder/collar area of sweatshirt (The instructions say you might need to put in a few stitches to create a "pocket" in the body of the shirt, but I didn't do that. I also used an old throw pillow, rather than the bed pillow they suggested.)
  2. Insert pillow through bottom of shirt.
  3. Stitch end of sleeves together.
  4. Attach pillow "ring" to bed bottom with a few stitches. Enjoy!
Zoe. Preciousness personified.
Dogified? Whatever. Damn cute.
For what it's worth, I didn't attach a ring at the bottom, and I made a number of stitches to tack the arms into more of a ring around the pillow and close up the bottom of the sweatshirt -- I figure the whole thing can go in the wash, so what the heck.

This project took less than an hour and demonstrates one of the things I like most about creativity -- taking different things and bringing them together, creating something that didn't exist before. Such fun. Makes me feel like I really accomplished something, whether I'm baking or writing or making dog beds.

Go have fun. Make something! Here's to a lovely weekend.


Pet Bedding and Accessories Manufacturer said...

That DIY dog bed project is worth a try. Thank you for the encouragement. :)

Jan said...

It was great while it lasted! Zoe outgrew it, so we are glad there are Pet Bedding and Accessories manufacturers. :-)