Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Fun: Not so Random Acts of Kindness

My mother is 91 years old and nearly blind. For her, maneuvering in public restrooms is truly a challenge -- the only constant in these facilities is that they put the stall for the disabled as far away from the door as possible.

Because that makes sense. Make the people with walkers and wheelchairs go the distance, while the rest of us slackers get the shortcut.

But, I digress. Despite any difficulties mom faces when she's out on the town, she takes great delight in this simple, not-random act of kindness. After she dries her hands, mom makes sure there's a towel ready for the next person.
Please note: I typically do not
take photos in public restrooms.
Thank you.
My suggestion for the weekend? Don't be a drip.* Follow mom's lead. Wave your hand under the magic dispenser and leave a towel for the next gal.

**This is the danger of being a writer with a blog. No self control leads to bad, bad lines. Please forgive me.


Betty said...

I enjoyed your article, and thank you for pointing out a HUGE flaw in our public restrooms. Just looking at blogs. Don't like the new Blogger at all and can't reinstall Sitemeter...BUT...your blog made me feel good! Thanks!!

Jan said...

Thank you, Betty! Your comment made me feel good!