Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Creativity Tips: Follow the Path to Weird U.S.

You never know where the path of a journey -- or a conversation -- may take you.

Yesterday, out of the blue, Kate asked me if Atchison, Kan., was one of the seven gateways to hell. OK, the mention of Atchison wasn't completely out of the blue. We were discussing Amelia Earhart. However, the "gateway to hell" was a bit off topic.

While I was still laughing about that, she corrected herself: "Oh, no. It's not Atchison. It's Stull, Kan."

And that, my friends, brings us to Weird U.S., where a funky little homespun newsletter turned into a much bigger creative endeavor -- a place where you can discover why Stull is considered a direct path to hell. Read carefully, and you'll also uncover a bit of creative inspiration: The guys behind the project recognized an opportunity when it came their way and pursued it. Think that's common? Think again.When opportunity knocks, a lot of us refuse to listen.

It's a weird, weird, weird, weird world, my friends. Here's to wandering.

(But avoid those gateways to hell. Especially in Stull. Hell, if I'm going down, I expect a more exotic entryway than a cemetery in Kansas ...)

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