Monday, July 9, 2012

Creativity Tips: Expand Your Team

Recently, Kate and I were driving to the car shop and went past a young man, zooming along the sidewalk on his bicycle.

"He's going really fast," I said.

"He's going downhill," Kate replied.

Now, here's the fascinating thing about that exchange: I hadn't noticed he was going downhill. Consider it part of my charm; I often overlook the obvious.* Fortunately for all of us, Kate adds her insight and perspective to my continually evolving creative team.

This week's advice? Surround yourself with people who see the world differently than you do. It's a really fast way to widen your creative vantage point. And that's a huge advantage.

*Be nice. It's Monday. Let's call it a charming trait rather than a sign of impending senility.

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