Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Food is Love: Play With Your Food

Yep, another Food is Love feature that's not on Friday. Blame it on the holidays. And this is a holiday post, because some of you may plan to make the cranberry pie I raved about before Thanksgiving as part of your Christmas meal.

Before you do ... read this and prepare to play with your food. And the recipe.

When I made the recipe again, I didn't like it as much. I discussed this important dessert situation with my buddy Scott, who also made the pie for Thanksgiving. We decided the recipe is perfect for adjusting:

1. It needs more cranberries. We both used more than the recipe called for -- and it still wasn't enough. Scott also mentioned using both cherries and cranberries, which I think sounds really yummy. But more fruit would be good. Which brings us to ... too much crust.

2. When I made the pie the first time, I used a regular pie pan and a bunch of the crust overflowed and had to be cut off. Therefore, the crust left on the pie was thinner. And, frankly, it was better that way. (Creativity! Mistakes can be the best thing ever.)

3. The pecans are good, but they get lost in the filling. Scott said he might use walnuts instead of pecans the next time, and add them to the batter rather than the filling.

Basically, recipes are my Pirate's Code: "They're not so much rules as they are guidelines."


Anonymous said...

I made the cranberry pie for Thanksgiving and liked it but I agree it needs some adjustments. Really didn't like the pecans at all so putting them in the crust might be better. I considered adding white chocolate chips.

Leslie said...

I made it, too! And everyone liked it just as it was, not that I'm opposed to some experimenting as well. I made it in a deep cake pan, used an entire bag of cranberries and the crust almost--but not quite--overflowed the pan. It actually came out looking quite lovely! I've been asked to bring it for Christmas so we'll see if the effort can be duplicated.

Bud Simpson said...

And why join the Navy if you can be a pirate?