Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Creativity Tips: Don't Kick the Can

This past weekend, I took Mom shopping for shoes and other necessities. The three-hour adventure sapped all her energy, and all my good-nature. (Hey! I do have some.) So, when we got back to her apartment, this was the conversation:

Mom: The least I can do is offer you a can of pop. There's a can in the refrigerator. Take it.
Jan: Thanks, Mom. But I don't want anything.
Mom: You could use a drink. Take it.
Jan: I'm fine, Mom. I don't want it.
Mom: It would make me feel better if you took it.
Jan: I. Don't. Want. It.

Could I be a bigger bitch? Not likely.

How is this a creativity tip? Easy. When you're on a team, everyone wants to feel like a contributor. Let them give. Take generously. And if you're tired and tempted to get hateful, can it.

P.S. Yes. I enjoyed the cold can of pop. She was right. I needed it.

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