Sunday, May 10, 2009

Creativity Tips: Quick Writing Lesson

Here's a Sunday special ... because it just occurred to me that my "status update" on Facebook today could serve as a quick writing lesson.

I posted: Jan Sokoloff Harness is sending a Jewish mama's hug to all my friends who are missing their mothers today.

My phrasing exemplifies why writers aren't normal people: We think about every word. For example, this started as my way of reaching out to the many friends I have whose mothers have died. Then, I started thinking about other friends -- some who don't live close to their mothers, others who simply aren't close to their mothers.

The phrase "missing their mothers" encompasses all these friends. And starting the sentence with a positive hug keeps it as upbeat as possible, especially for those mourning mothers gone.

Words matter.


Bud Simpson said...

... and the thoughtfulness of the words is appreciated. Happy Mother's Day, Jan.

Leslie said...

How right you are! I hope your day was wonderful.

Neil said...

You're the best.