Saturday, May 16, 2009

Creativity Tips: Keep Your Eyes Open

Inspiration is everywhere, if we take the time to see it. Don't believe me? A few minutes ago, I suggested to my 8-year-old nephew Sam that he write a story. He went over to the computer and started typing away -- I had no idea where his inspiration came from. But, Sam is a creative genius. He used words on the keyboard ... back, forward, stop, mail, search, favorites and web/home ... as his inspiration. It's brilliant.

Here's his story:
One day there was a kid named Roney who went back to the store. Roney went forward to the fruit section. He stopped by the apples. Then he saw a mail carrier in the pile of apples. Then he searched for the cereal aisle. Then he saw his favorite cereals -- cinnamon toast crunch, trix and coco puffs. Then he went back home and played games on the web. The End.

Try the Sam version of creative instigation! Write a story or a poem this weekend using words on your computer.

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Amber said...

That's awesome!! Boy do we miss that guy!