Thursday, January 8, 2009

Creativity Tips: Don't Weight.

Before we get to the creativity tip, does it seem extremely freaky to you that when I searched the Web for images to illustrate this, most of the scales had my exact weight?

But I digress.

If you've set creative or personal resolutions for the year, remember this critical success factor: Have measurable goals along the way, and track your progress. Don't wait. Start now.

For example, I put on three pounds over the holidays -- as every scale in the universe apparently knows. This is unacceptable, and I will be losing those three pounds pronto. Weighing in daily keeps me on track.

Find the tracking method that works for you, and use it!

Bonus creativity tip: If you were tempted to say, "Three pounds? Big deal. And you only weigh 128 pounds?" then:
A. You are not a chick.
B. You are not a five-foot-"tall" chick.

It's all a matter of perspective, my friends.


Mike Brown said...

Jan - My thought was exactly that 3 pounds isn't a huge deal. Guess I qualify on both A and B in the bonus round.

SHAPE magazine had a blurb this month on the advantage of short-term objectives and financial matters. The point was that you'll see more results with the goal of cutting expenses $50 this month vs. cutting expenses $600 this year. Would provide the link, but couldn't find it online at SHAPE.

Take care,


Leslie said...

Well, most of us gals know that three pounds slips easily into five, five into know the drill. Good for you for taking notice now! I think most of our bad habits would be easier to kick if we dealt with them sooner. (So did you manipulate that photo or really find it with that weight?) :-)

Bud Simpson said...

Perspective, indeed! I have socks that weigh three pounds. I only weigh in once every two weeks - it keeps the daily ups and downs from discouraging me. I'm net down about ten since 12/1, but I don't think I'll ever see 250 again. It's all behind me now. [yuk, yuk]

Jan said...

You all make me laugh.

And, no. I did not manipulate the photo. :-)

It was like looking at ads for watches or clocks -- where they're all set to 10:10. Most of the scales were 128.3. And I'm pleased to say I have already lost a pound. Tracking progress -- on whatever schedule works best for you -- does work!

Jan said...

P.S. I'll tell you another key to success on tracking progress -- don't go it alone. My sister Eva calls at the end of every month to see how much I weigh. Knowing I have to "report in" on the weight also helps keep me on the straight and narrow. (Well, not as straight or nearly as narrow as I'd like, but you know what I mean ...)

Angela Pritchett said...

Can we just pause and give some props to the only woman I know who would fearlessly put her actual weight on her blog!

Jan said...

And here's the funny thing ... out of all my broadcasting days, the only on-screen TV commercial I ever did was for the Missouri Lottery. They were asking random people (I qualified), "What would you do for a million dollars?"

My response? "Put my correct weight on my driver's license."

See how far I've come!