Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Creativity Tips: Let Someone Else Lead

I recently had a surreal experience that turned out to be an eye-opener. I walked into a radio studio for an interview -- and realized I wasn't the one doing the interview. Mike Brown and I were the interviewees, and Jay Liebenguth was the host.

Panic set in. I spent almost a dozen years being the interviewer. Being on the other side of the desk felt very, very wrong.

Fortunately, once I got past the whole "I am not in charge" crisis, it was great. Jay is a true talent, and the show was flat-out fun.

This week, give it a try. Let someone else lead.


Leslie said...

I just listened to the interview and I'm very excited to attend the session today! It will be fun.

Cory C said...

Great job on the creativity session today. Thanks for sharing tips for awakening the creativity in me!!

Anonymous said...

:( I wish I could attend your creativity session. :) Let someone else lead? Whoo....I gotta work on that. :P

Jan said...

Cory: You are so amazing! Thank you for adding music to our presentation, and being a fun and brilliant member of my creative team!

Amber: We missed you! And I miss you! Mike and I can travel to Chicago for a paying gig ... but we'll give you a couple of days on the new job before we hound you to promote us. :-)

Unknown said...

It was great to be part of the Creative Instigation process. Like you, I depend a lot more on the written part and a whole lot less on drawing damn horseys. I just found a cool tool for people like us called Wordle. It generates "word clouds" from a bunch of text you enter and I even gave it my site www.LivewithJay.com and it created a wonderful montage of words that I have written lately including Mike and Jan. Check it out at http://wordle.net/ --Jay