Monday, August 31, 2020

#MondayMotivation - Give Yourself an A

 Are you as kind to yourself as you are to others? Is your self-talk -- you know, all those words bouncing around inside your head -- anything you'd say to a friend? 

All too often, we tell ourselves what we're failing at, what we've done wrong, what we could have done better. For example, in my post on Happy, I suggested trying the "Anticipation/Gratitude" exercise. Well, that's what I typically call the "Anticipation/Appreciation" exercise.* Yep. I called my own creativity exercise by the wrong name.** 

Does it matter? Abso-freakin-lutely not. I get an A for showing up and blogging again! 

Give yourself an A today. You're up, you're moving, you're Amazing! 

Happy Monday! Here's to a terrific week.

*Why? I like the alliteration of Anticipation/Appreciation, and I think the word "gratitude" is overused and under-meant. 

**Truth be told, I've done the same with my daughters. Kate/Mary/WhoeverYouAre.


Graciewilde said...

Okay, will do. A for getting out of bed and taking a bicycle ride in the dark and fog just b/c I can. Thanks for the encouragement.

Jan said...

That's an absolute A!