Monday, April 23, 2018

Creativity Tips: Be Delighted

One of the most creative forces in the universe turns 97 today. We celebrated Mom's birthday Saturday, and she sang songs, laughed, ate pizza and cupcakes, and said the flavored LaCroix was "the best water I ever had -- it really has some pip!"

Mom really has some pip.

Today, in honor of her birthday, I'm sharing a couple of the "secrets" that keep her young and creative:

1. Mom is always willing to be delighted. Think about that. She approaches everything from a meal to a bingo game expecting good things. It's not optimism. It's faith. Mom has a rock-solid faith that everything happens for the best.

2. Mom is observant. When she was younger and we'd go out together, Mom was always encouraging us to, "Look up!" There were clouds in the sky, gargoyles on buildings, a never-ending source of wonder -- all you had to do was look up and see it.

3. Mom is grateful. There are some incredibly grumpy people in her nursing home. She's not one of them. She still thanks the people who help her, and asks them questions -- she's still engaged in their lives and grateful for their assistance.

I could go on, but three is magical and so is my Mom. Help me celebrate her today -- be delighted, look up, and find something and someone to be grateful for this week!


CJ Kennedy said...

What a lovely tribute! Many Happy Returns of the Day to your mom. Her picture made me break out in a smile. A wonderful way to start the week. Thank you.

Leslie said...

Your mom is amazing! And you're lucky to still have her to enjoy time with. May she have may more wonderful days ahead!

Jan said...

Thank you, CJ! I'll give mom your best wishes! Here's to a great week for all of us!

Jan said...

Thanks, Leslie! I am lucky!! And I'll give mom your best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Another amazing post.... about an amazing lady, and written by an amazing friend!

Anonymous said...

I love this. Enjoy your mom, I really miss mine.
thanks Jan