Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Fun: You get to be a mensch!

So, I've been promising you a Mensch Manifesto to wrap up this week's series. I'm not going to deliver.

That means you get to be mensch and forgive me!

On the bright side, I'm not completely bailing on you. Rather than writing a manifesto, I'm sharing a mensch meditation:

Lend us the wit, O God,
to speak the lean and simple word;
give us the strength to speak
the found word, the meant word;
grant us the humility to speak
the friendly word, the answering word.

And make us sensitive, God,
sensitive to the sound of the words
which others speak --
sensitive to the sound of their words --
and to the silence between.

-- from Mishkan T'Filah, adapted from Chaim Stern

Shabbat shalom, my friends! Thanks for traveling along on this week's journey.

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