Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Fun: Cropped

People always think poetry is autobiographical. It ain't always autobiographical. With that said, here's my latest poem. Happy weekend!

Tonight, on Instagram, I posted a picture of the picture
Frank took at Lake Lotawanna back in ’75.
Remember that day?
Our first annual summer skinny dipping celebration.
You and me and Jesse and Kat and Frank and Karen.
And cold, cold water in unprepared places.

I look at the picture and hear us laughing.
God, do you remember Kat’s giggle?
In the photo, we’re dressed again, hair dripping and happy.
The girls at the picnic table, making sandwiches,
Jesse behind us, flashing a peace sign.
Or rabbit ears. Hard to say with Jesse.

You’re there too, but a ways away.
You liked your space.  
And I’m glad you did,
Because that made it easy,
with 40 years distance,
to crop you right out of the picture.

               --- Jan Sokoloff Harness, 2016

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