Friday, January 8, 2016

Creative Exercise: Create the oomph

I'm always delighted when I find creative, fun copy in unexpected places. For example, I sent a message to Creative Mornings yesterday, and instead of the usual, "Thank you. Your message has been successfully delivered." kind of response, this popped up:

How spectacular is that? The info I needed -- yes, my message went through -- and a compliment. One that I thoroughly appreciated, since I was really rocking the jammies, bed-head and first cup of coffee look.

What's more -- this isn't brain surgery. It's simply an example of smart thinking about possibilities, words, audience and messaging. It's capitalizing on a moment, rather than letting it slip by.

Today, seize your moment. Take a look at some of the copy you use all the time -- something like the signature line on your emails. How could you make it more creative, strategic, meaningful? What would give it extra oomph?

It's a new year. Update your messaging. Delight someone!

1 comment:

Leslie said...

Very cool! Gotta love free compliments. :-)