Monday, October 26, 2015

Creative Time Management: Forget the Phone

Happy Monday! Welcome to a new week and a new, totally sporadic Creative Instigation feature: Creative Time Management.

Tip 1: Don't take your phone into the bathroom.

  1. It's not sanitary
  2. It's not necessary. You're not that essential. Isn't that nice? The world will still revolve while you take care of business.
  3. It's time consuming. If you think my reference to "taking care of business" in the previous line referred to actual business, WRONG. If you're checking email, texting or taking calls while in the bathroom, you're spending extra time in there. 
And that's why today's clean living advice qualifies as Creative Time Management! Your job now? Easy. Wipe out any doubt you have about being away from the phone for 60 seconds. 

Good news, CI team.
I'm flush with ideas for this new feature.

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