Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Creativity Tips: Love What You Do

This wonderful photo was taken on April 18, 1955 -- the day Albert Einstein died. It's a shot of his office at Princeton at the Institute for Advanced Study.

Einstein was 76 years old. Clearly, he hadn't retired. He was still exploring equations and mysteries. He was still stretching his mind and our view of the universe.

It's a simple matter of A+B=C. Work You Love + Continual Stretching = Your Most Creative Self.

I'm no Einstein, but I've tested the equation and it works. And here's another theorem for you: My office will look a lot like this when I'm 76. Minus, of course, the pipe and tobacco and the blackboard brilliance.

That reminds me ... I promised a calculus story in my Post 60 debut. Maybe I'll write that this week!


CJ Kennedy said...

Instead of apologizing for the mess of my workstations, I can say I was inspired by Einstein's desk. Thanks for the perspective (-:

Jan said...

I'm here to help. :-)

Roy said...

Food for thought. I know I hated what I did for the last 7 years of my career at AT&T, and I was very uncreative. My desk, however, was spotless!