Monday, January 27, 2014

Creativity Exercise: It's Monday -- Party On!

Happy Monday! Let's start the week with a quick exercise. You know the routine. Get out a clean sheet of paper.

You'd rather do this on the computer? 
Fine ... it's Monday ... I'm not going to force you to pick up a pen. 

Now, write down five words that make you happy. For example, my list might include beach (because that's my happy place) or marshmallow (because I just like the sound of it).

I want a toasted marshmallow. Now.
Do you have your five happy words? Yay for you! Now, use all five of those words in a sentence. It doesn't have to be a sensible sentence -- but keep it grammatically correct. For my sake. For your sake. For the sake of the world.

Done? Mazel tov! Your creative synapses are now firing. Be off to great things ...

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