Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Creativity Tips: Step Away from the Scale

How do you measure success?

My whole life, I've measured physical success by numbers on the scale. Gain a pound or two? I'm a huge and hideous failure. Lose a pound? Yes! Time to celebrate.

But then something happened. I started exercising. Regularly. With Shanna and the most fabulous group of women imaginable -- supportive, encouraging, diverse, smart, friendly. Great people. And over the past two years:
  • I lost numerous inches off various body parts.*
  • I lost two dress sizes.
  • I didn't lose an ounce.
Wow. I look better, stronger. I feel better, healthier. And the damn scale hasn't moved AT ALL. So I did the most creative thing I could do: I changed my mind. I stepped away from the scale.

What's that mean to you? Simple. How we measure success matters. And your measurement tool has to work for you.

Maybe your father wanted you to have a C-level title. Maybe your mother wanted you to marry a wealthy man. Maybe you're a CEO married to Mr. Moneybags. So, the folks are thrilled. That's not the point.

Are you happy? Do you feel successful? Do you remember the last time you were proud of yourself?

Consider your definition of happiness and success. If it's working for you, great! If not, get creative. Measure better.

* No. Not those parts. For some reason, I never lose inches off those parts.

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