Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My pocket, my poem

After giving you this amazing list of poetic options for the April 26 Poem In Your Pocket Day, I struggled with what poem to tuck in my pocket. I like so many poets. So many poems. The choices were overwhelming.

Fortunately, exercise clears the mind. I was driving home from circuit training this morning, and realized there is only one logical choice. I've been writing poems since I could pick up a pen. Why not carry one of my poems in my pocket?

The poem I've chosen isn't one of my best, and I don't say that modestly. I say that as someone who knows a bit about the art and craft of poetry.

In terms of my personal writing history, I wrote the bones of this poem when Kate was not quite 2 -- more than 20 years ago. I'll carry it Thursday for the idea it represents. Because I still like that. I hope you do too.

Mirror, mirror …

If I had known who she was,
I wouldn’t have thought she was pretty.

But, for an instant,
All I saw was her reflection

And she was pretty.

Soft-hearted, smiling,
admiring her daughter.

If she had known I was watching,
I’d never have seen her.

But, for an instant, the mirror was honest.
And, in that instant,

I knew I was pretty.

©1992, Jan Sokoloff Harness

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