Thursday, July 7, 2011

Creativity Tips: Fill in the Blanks

Part 3 in the Sophie Series:

So, tell me, what the heck would I end up with if I made this recipe?

This is one of my grandmother's many original recipes. It's probably delicious -- or the start of something delicious -- but since I don't know what it is, I'm not likely to mix it up. Here's where we can learn from one of Nanny's rare creative mistakes. When it came to cooking, she didn't always fill in the blanks:
  • She didn't like people "underfoot" in her kitchen -- it's hard to learn if you can't watch.
  • Many of her recipes include only ingredients -- no instructions.
  • Some of the ingredients are identified by brand names. The brands no longer exist, so I don't even know what ingredient is required. (Spry?)
If I ever write a rulebook for creativity, one of the Top 10 will be this: Share your knowledge openly and happily. Let others take your creativity and build on it, adapt it, apply it. Let us enjoy it! Creativity is like my grandmother's yummy food -- always better when shared.

P.S. I was allowed in the kitchen because I sat quietly in the corner on a footstool. Some of the best memories of my childhood are sitting in that kitchen, watching Nanny cook. And just saying that reminds me of this ...

P.P.S. Nanny did share information she felt was critical. Her kitchen was kosher -- there was no mixing of meat and milk dishes, utensils, food. To make sure we understood what went where, she very clearly marked the inside of her kitchen drawers: MEAT and MILK.

P.P.P.S. Thanks to Leslie for the photo!


CJ Kennedy said...

Spry is like Crisco. You know solid vegetable shortening

Jan said...

Thank you, CJ!

Bud Simpson said...

You know, except for the vanilla and baking powder, it's a fairly straight short pie crust. Pie Crust Cookies?

Oven at 350, roll the dough to pie-crust thickness, cut out with cookie cutter, sprinkle on a bit of sugar or cinnamon sugar and give them ten minutes or so.

Try it, Jan. Report back. Think of it as a Science Fair project.

Karen said...

The bunny nailed it! Now I must go before all the gluten talk goes to my head.

Jan said...

All right! I will try that over the weekend and report back. I'm all in favor of a Science Fair project.

Bud Simpson said...

Jan, Karen just came up with our radio show concept ...

"Gluten Talk", with Jan and the Rabbit. (Better than 99% of the drive-time air right now.)

I always wanted to do a three-minute 11:55 restaurant-review segment called "Lunch with Sal Monellla." Needs work.