Monday, May 23, 2011

Creativity Tips: Play with a new toy

In honor of our youngest graduating from high school, Tom bought me an iPad2. He thought I deserved a present. Now that's solid creative thinking.

I may not use the iPad for writing much, but it's a great new "toy" with a lot of amazing options. For example, the Photo Booth app is dangerous in the hands of a writer. Knowledge leads to editing. I have no knowledge, so I can just play.

Self amuse. It's a good thing. And, in all seriousness, playing is good too. Start June with some new creative toys -- they can be as basic as new crayons and sharp pencils, a fresh journal or a new baking pan. Or, branch out. Try a different creative venue -- pottery, gardening, quilting, beading, carpentry, car repair. Play away!

P.S. Thanks for all the "empty nest" feedback on the previous post -- comments, emails and Facebook messages. I am feeling better. Of course, the iPad may have something to do with that ...

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