Sunday, March 6, 2011

Creative Shout Outs: Angela and Elizabeth Rock!

Two quick hurrahs for members of the CI team:

1. Angela's wonderful Recipes from My Mom is moving up in the list of Babble's Top 100 Food Blogs. Go vote for her -- it only takes a second. As I publish this, Recipes from My Mom is on the second page. (Let's get it on the first page!)

2. Congrats to a new CI member: Elizabeth is a National Merit Finalist! Yay you! That's a fabulous, door-opening accomplishment. As she says, life is sweet.

And isn't that a nice thought to keep in mind as we start the week: Life is sweet. L'chaim!

*Random, if you follow the l'chaim link: I saw Zero Mostel perform that in St. Louis years ago and then snuck backstage with a friend to meet him. He bellowed at us ... asked if we intended to come over and say hello or just stand there and stare. Such fun. Life is sweet.


Angela@RecipesFromMyMom said...

Thanks for spreading the word and seeing if we can make it to the first page. Elizabeth's blog is such a fun read too. I'm one of her followers now. Life is sweeter with you in it :>

Leslie said...

Way to go, Angela! (And what a fun list of food blogs...must explore!)

Elizabeth said...

Thanks so much for the shout out!!! It truly made my day, and watching L'chaim caused me to dig out Fiddler on the Roof (two VHS set-so glad we still have a VCR) :D. Definitely watching it again soon. And Angela is now on the first page-number 47 at the moment! Congrats to Angela (and thanks so much for following)!