Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Fun: Paint a Garden

If it's too cold to plant a garden where you are, here's the next best thing. Paint one.

I've gone back to playing with paints, using a Rorschach technique I used when I was in college. Basically, plop paint on paper, press the paper against paper and call it a day. If you want, you can pick up a brush and add a few strokes -- I did that here.

This painting wasn't folded -- I pressed it against another equal-sized sheet. The folded ones turn out really cool. I generally cut out one side, so you can't immediately see it's a Rorschach print.

You can try this whether painting is your passion or not. There's no pressure: The final product isn't completely within your control. The paper blots the way it blots. And, now and then, you'll come up with something amazing.

Then, of course, take full credit. I do. Because, like you, I am an artistic genius.

Happy weekend!

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