Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Creative Critic: The Idea Book

I'm not sure how the folks at interesting.org found Creative Instigation, but I'm glad they did -- and delighted they provided me with a review copy of The Idea Book. The book is great, and the marketing is inspirational.

First, the book. The Idea Book is a fast, fun read. I'd suggest throwing it in a backpack or briefcase so it's handy when you have a few extra moments.

The idea behind the book is simple -- it's a combo book/journal, filled with brief creativity lessons and activities, interesting stories, fun quotes and lots of blank pages. "150 pages about ideas. 150 empty pages for your own ideas."

Now, the marketing. The book is written by Fredrik Haren, but you wouldn't know it by the cover. There's no name on the cover, because Haren wants this to be your book. And those blank pages you fill up to make it yours? Well, as the PR materials explain, "Because The Idea Book is now filled with personal ideas, people do not lend their copy to others, thereby generating more sales and more happy readers."

Don't you love it when marketers are frank? Honestly, that's enough right there to make me a happy reader.

Creative Critic review: If you're out of ideas re: holiday gifts for business colleagues, don't panic. Buy The Idea Book.


Leslie said...

Wow, a freebie! And a cool one, at that. I'll have to take a look...

Vicki said...

It sounds really cool. Maybe I should get a copy to take on my trip. :)