Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Creativity Tips: Use Your Time Creatively

This past weekend, my sister Eva and I went to Mom's apartment to reorganize her clothes. Mom, who is 87, is amazing -- something it's easy for us to forget while we're cleaning closets.

While we were there, a woman who used to work at Mom's assisted living complex came to visit. Diana promised Mom that she would come back to visit once a month, and would bring daisies -- Mom's favorite flower.

And here's the amazing part. She's doing it. This wonderful woman -- who has a family of her own and a more-than-full schedule -- shows up on the first Sunday of every month. She spends an hour chatting with Mom. She brings flowers. She brings joy. Mom is thrilled that Diana cares about her, and she takes huge delight in looking at, and bragging about, her flowers.

One hour. Once a month. 12 hours a year. It's a small investment of time with a huge reward for everyone involved.

No matter what our talents are, we can all create more happiness in the world. We can all learn from Diana.

P.S. Thanks to Mike for pointing out that this story was a post! I needed the creative instigation.


Burcu said...

I really admired Diana! No need to spend big money to cheer people up or to make them happy. Just a bouquet of flower ( by the way, we have a common with your mom, i adore daisies:)) is enough for them.

Ps: This post made me miss my grandma and graddad even they live just 5 minutes far from my flat!

Hugs Jan!

Anonymous said...

Great post Jan!


Leslie said...

What an inspiring woman! A person who makes a commitment and keeps it. She is definitely making a difference.