Monday, January 11, 2010

Creativity Tips: Question "Normal"

Yesterday, my daughter Kate and I went for a drive, and we both remarked about how hot it was. The thermometer said it was 24 degrees.

Now, 24 degrees is not a heatwave. But, here in the Midwest, we've gotten used to single-digit temperatures and below-zero windchills. Sunshine and 24 felt absolutely tropical.

It's interesting how quickly we adjust to adverse situations -- and I'm not just talking cold weather. Look around your house, your office, your relationships. What have you accepted as normal that isn't? Look at your creative work. Have you lowered your standards? Are you accepting less than your best?

It's a new year. Question the norm and go for better. Expecting more is the first step toward getting more.

P.S. re: "getting more." (Oh, stop. For once, that wasn't what I was talking about.) I'm having fun with less. I'll keep you posted now and then on how My Year of Less is going. Happy Monday!

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