Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Creativity Tips: Fringe Benefits

One of my clients is fond of saying, "A deadline is the most liberating thing known to man."

I know this: Deadlines work. I finished the scarf (and please note that it is a scarf, as opposed to previous attempts) in time to wrap it up for Kate's 18th birthday.

I wasn't planning to put fringe on the scarf, but I messed up the first few rows. The fringe hides the goof-up. And there's an added bonus: It's pretty.* It even makes the scarf look less homemade -- a definite plus for a teenager.

When you're working on creative projects of any type, mistakes happen. My advice? Don't fret. Fringe.

*My mom says everything happens for the best. She may be right ...


Leslie said...

The scarf is beautiful! You did an awesome job. And I agree about mistakes--just make them into something wonderful. No one but you will know it wasn't planned from the beginning!

Bud Simpson said...

I like the late Douglas Adams' take on dealines:
""I love deadlines - I like the whooshing
sound they make as they go by."

Hey, look, a scarf!

Vicki said...

It looks great! My project didn't meet the deadline, unfortunately.

Jan said...

I neglected to mention that creative deadlines work better when you're not spending 30 hours a day taking care of two handsome little boys!

Thanks all for the positive reinforcement! It is a scarf! And I love the Adams' quote ...