Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Good Stuff: Take Pause and Look Again

You know what's wonderful about writing posts re: gratitude and happiness? It gives me a reason to shift my perspective and look for reasons to be grateful and happy. 

Hmmmmmm. Kind of ridiculous that I need a reason to do that, isn't it?  

By any measure of the word, I am blessed. Family, friends, health, work I love, roof over my head, plenty to eat, etc.* Yet I don't always pause long enough to appreciate it all. 

This week, I hope you pause. I hope you pour yourself a nice hot mug of something, settle back in a cozy chair, look around, and take note -- or make notes -- on your own version of The Good Stuff. 

Super good stuff.
Mug, from Lynn. Cider, from Louisburg
I am going to pause** this week, rather than post. Here's to a lovely Thanksgiving for us all! 

*Knock on wood. A saying that always reminds me of my grandmother, who would say it and then rap her knuckles on her head. 

**OK, OK. I'm not going to completely pause. There's baking to be done. You know me too well ... 


Jan said...

Thank you, CJ! So grateful for you sticking with the blog, and for all your comments. Happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

Perfect. Thank you for the gratitude reminder!